Although the Anglican churches around the world tend to follow a similar pattern in their liturgy, new translations and developments in recent times mean that there are more differences nowadays.

For example, whereas many churches in Japan now use the Mikotoba no Reihai (Service of the Word) instead of Morning Prayer when a Communion service is not possible, thereby following all three readings from the Communion service, many churches in England now have only one or two readings in the Communion service instead of three, at least in some of their services.

Possible readings at the service I attended here in England yesterday were Isaiah 51: 1-6, Romans 12: 1-8, and Matthew 16: 13-20, but only Romans and Matthew were actually read. At Holy Communion services and Service of the Word in Japan, the reading from Romans was from chapter 11, verses 33-36, but the readings from Isaiah and Matthew were the same.

Biblical Verses

Since my grasp of Japanese is far from adequate, i often refer to my English bible (usually NIV) during the readings and the sermon, and quite often during the collective reading of a psalm. This can be awkward, however, when the versification of the Japanese text differs from the English.

In yesterday’s Holy Communion service, for example, we were reading Psalm 69, verses 1-17 (Japanese), with Rev. Yoshioka reading the odd-numbered verses and the congregation responding with even numbered ones.

As I was trying to respond quietly in English, I soon found myself out of sync with everyone else. When I checked the psalm in both languages after the service, i found that verses two and three in Japanese correspond to verse two alone in English. Thus, verses 1-17 in Japanese correspond to verses 1-16 in English. The second English verse is follows:

I sink in the miry depths, where there is no foothold. (J2)
I have come into the deep waters; the floods engulf me. (J3)

For anyone trying to follow the service using English, therefore, it would be necessary to say only the first part of verse two, allow the president to finish the verse, and thereafter read the odd-numbered verses, with the president finishing on verse 16 (17 in Japanese).

Pastoral Changes 2014

Rev. Francis Horio has retired after his long service to Kyushu Diocese, and we wish him well as he spends more time with his family in retirement.

Since we have no new clergy this year, this has meant a series of changes to our pastoral coverage:
Rev. Mark Shibamoto has moved to Nagasaki to take over Holy Trinity, Nagasaki and the Church of the Resurrection in Sasebo.
Rev. Michael Lee has moved to Kokura to take over Immanuel Parish; he will also visit Tobata and Tsushima.
Rev. Stephen Nakamura is now pastor of our main church (cathedral), St Paul’s, in Fukuoka, and is also responsible for St John’s, Izuhara (Tsushima).
Rev. David Nakano has moved to Kurume, where he will also be responsible for St Luke’s, Saga.
Rev. John Lee has moved to Oita, and will also visit Nobeoka.
Rev. David Nakashima is still responsible for Okuchi, but has also taken over the Church of the Resurrection in Kagoshima, where he is now based.
Rev. Barnabas Ushijima is still in Nogata, but is now also responsible for Tobata rather than Tsushima.
Since Rev. Nakashima’s added responsibility for Kagoshima means he cannot visit Miyazaki regularly, and Rev. Catherine Yoshioka is still responsible for Nobeoka as well as Miyazaki, members of our congregation will now lead services twice a month at Holy Trinity, Miyazaki.

Bishop Dixie Taclobao of our sister diocese (The Episcopal Diocese of Central Philippines) suffered a heart attack last Friday. Please pray for his full recovery.

World Day of Prayer

Today is World Day of Prayer. Women and a few men from many of the churches in Miyazaki gathered at the Mennonite Church in Sadowara for a special service this morning. Similar services are being held at other churches around the world today.

This year’s event was prepared by the WDP Egypt Committee, with the theme ‘Streams in the Desert’. The main bible reading was from John 4: 5-42, the encounter at Jacob’s Well in Samaria., one of my favourite passages in the gospels.

Late Easter, Late Lent

Easter will be late this year - Easter Sunday is April 20th, at least in the Gregorian calendar. Since Lent starts 40 days (excluding Sundays) before Easter, that means that Lent is also starting late this year. Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, traditionally a time of repentance and preparation for Holy Week and Easter, often marked by some (usually only symbolic) fasting.

Readings Tomorrow

Although tomorrow is the 4th Sunday after Epiphany, February 2nd is also the date when our church commemorates the presentation of Christ in the temple. The readings for this occasion take precedence over the usual Sunday readings, so tomorrow’s readings for Holy Communion and Mikotoba no Reihai (Service of the Word) in all Anglican churches in Japan will be as follows:

Malachi 3: 1-4; Hebrews 2: 14-18; Luke 2: 22-40


Traditionally our church commemorates the baptism of our Lord on the first Sunday after Epiphany. In the Old Testament reading for services this morning (Isaiah 42: 1-9) we read in verse 9: ‘See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you.’ Read More...

Sad News

We learned yesterday, while i was uploading my first video to YouTube, that James Shingo Sakamoto, the oldest member of our congregation at Miyazaki Holy Trinity Church, had died in the afternoon. Read More...


This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him! (Matthew 17:5, NIVUK)

The Anglican Church commemorates the transfiguration of our Lord today, August 6th. In Japan, however, the day also marks the atom bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. Prayers for peace are held in Hiroshima on this day every year, and some of our church members from Kyushu Diocese are in Hiroshima for that purpose.

Today is also my sister’s wedding anniversary and the birthday of at least one of my ex-students. My best wishes to everyone for whom today is a special day!

Trinity Sunday

Today is Trinity Sunday, for churches using the Gregorian calendar. Our church in Miyazaki is one of three in Kyushu Diocese that bear the name ‘Holy Trinity Church’; the others are in Kumamoto and Nagasaki. Read More...

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, the day when those who follow the Christian (Gregorian) calendar commemorate the day when Jesus Christ was crucified. Read More...

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday, and we were honoured by Bishop Gabriel’s last visit to Holy Trinity Church, Miyazaki before his retirement, together with his wife, Sumiko.

Meeting in Miyazaki

The Anglican Church in Japan’s Committee on the Liturgy has been meeting in Holy Trinity Church, Miyazaki today.

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, at least for churches that observe the traditional church (Gregorian) calendar. That includes the Anglican Church, so there have been services at our church in Miyazaki today.


Verse of the Year

I have updated the verse of the year for Holy Trinity Church, Miyazaki, following the choice selected at today’s Annual General Meeting. To show the current status, I have labelled it ‘Verse of 2013’. I hope to update verses for other churches when I have the information, as well as adding pages for churches not yet shown separately under ‘Churches in Kyushu’.

Adults' Day

This is ‘Adults’ Day’, a national holiday, in Japan. Read More...

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, or, if you prefer, Akemashite Omedetoh Gozaimasu! Read More...

House of God

I’ve added one more church page to this site today. Read More...

Christmas Eve

The last day of advent.

Christmas Concert

Today we had our main Christmas service, followed by a party and a concert, at Holy Trinity Church, Miyazaki. Read More...

New Blog

Just starting a new blog … Merry Christmas!