Adults' Day

This is ‘Adults’ Day’, a national holiday, in Japan.
I used to say ‘Coming of Age Day’ to translate Seijin no hi (成人の日) into English, since this is a day for all those who become 20 this year (people are deemed to be adults at the age of 20 here) to celebrate. However, people come of age on their birthday, so I’ve reverted to the more literal translation.

Taking advantage of the national holiday, Kyushu Diocese held a special ceremony to consecrate the house used by St Luke’s Mission in Saga today. Saga has for some time been the only prefecture in Kyushu without an Anglican church. For many years, the home of one member of the congregation was used as “Saga House of Prayer”.

The newly-acquired house is still called a mission (Saga Sei Luka Dendojo), but as a building dedicated to the use of the church, is effectively equivalent to a purpose-built church. The address is listed on the
Churches in Kyushu page of this site. Reverend Nakamura of the Anglican Church, Kurume is also responsible for St Luke’s. More information in Japanese can be found on St Luke’s blog.