World Day of Prayer

Today is World Day of Prayer. Women and a few men from many of the churches in Miyazaki gathered at the Mennonite Church in Sadowara for a special service this morning. Similar services are being held at other churches around the world today.

This year’s event was prepared by the WDP Egypt Committee, with the theme ‘Streams in the Desert’. The main bible reading was from John 4: 5-42, the encounter at Jacob’s Well in Samaria., one of my favourite passages in the gospels.

Late Easter, Late Lent

Easter will be late this year - Easter Sunday is April 20th, at least in the Gregorian calendar. Since Lent starts 40 days (excluding Sundays) before Easter, that means that Lent is also starting late this year. Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, traditionally a time of repentance and preparation for Holy Week and Easter, often marked by some (usually only symbolic) fasting.

Bishop in Kokura

Bishop Luke will be presiding at a Holy Communion service with Baptism and Confirmation at Immanuel Church, Kokura, tomorrow.

Lent begins next week (Ash Wednesday, March 5th), so many churches will have special services on that day.

A work camp group led by Rev. Ushijima of Kyushu Diocese, Rev. Osada of Kobe Diocese, and Rev. Iwasa of Okinawa Diocese, arrived in Manila yesterday, and will be busy at two main locations until March 10th, when they are due to return to Japan.