Easter Sunday

Today is Easter Sunday. Holy Trinity Church, Miyazaki, like many other churches around the world, had a special service this morning. This was followed by a brief general meeting to approve the painting of the roof, and a special party for lunch.

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, the day when those who follow the Christian (Gregorian) calendar commemorate the day when Jesus Christ was crucified. Read More...

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday, and we were honoured by Bishop Gabriel’s last visit to Holy Trinity Church, Miyazaki before his retirement, together with his wife, Sumiko.


I’ve just heard that an old friend of mine, Guy Butterworth, is now undertaking his long-dreamed of pilgrimage, Santiago de Compostela. Justin Welby, ‘enthroned’ yesterday as Archbishop of Canterbury, undertook a ‘pilgrimage of prayer’ around his ‘province’ (the Anglican dioceses in southern England) as he assumes his new role as ‘first among equals’ of the bishops of the Anglican Communion.

It has been said that all life is a pilgrimage. Please spare a prayer for each of them as they undertake theirs.

Philippine Work Camp 2013 - 6

All the work campers returned safely to Japan on Monday this week. There were a few health problems, but it was a good experience for everyone, I think. I’ll add a page for the Philippine Partnership to this web site soon. Meanwhile, I have uploaded a few photos to Facebook, and some of the campers and our Philippine friends have uploaded hundreds of others.

Thank you (Salamat) to everyone involved, both in the Philippines and in Japan, for making this a really worthwhile and memorable experience.

Philippine Work Camp 2013 - 5

The work camp is now well under way in Sta. (Santa) Ines. Read More...

Philippine Work Camp 2013 - 4

The main group of work campers left Fukuoka for the Philippines this morning, posting photos on Facebook, etc, when they had a stopover in Taipei. They have now arrived in Manila, where they are being welcomed by EDCP staff.

As my sister reminded me when she called to say “Happy Birthday”, today is also ‘World Day of Prayer’, and prayer meetings have been and are being held at churches around the world today.