Although the Anglican churches around the world tend to follow a similar pattern in their liturgy, new translations and developments in recent times mean that there are more differences nowadays.

For example, whereas many churches in Japan now use the Mikotoba no Reihai (Service of the Word) instead of Morning Prayer when a Communion service is not possible, thereby following all three readings from the Communion service, many churches in England now have only one or two readings in the Communion service instead of three, at least in some of their services.

Possible readings at the service I attended here in England yesterday were Isaiah 51: 1-6, Romans 12: 1-8, and Matthew 16: 13-20, but only Romans and Matthew were actually read. At Holy Communion services and Service of the Word in Japan, the reading from Romans was from chapter 11, verses 33-36, but the readings from Isaiah and Matthew were the same.