Dec 2014

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year!

Many of the churches in Kyushu have services on New Year’s Day, usually a little later than the usual Sunday services. Not all of the churches can do this because of the shortage of clergy, but those with a resident pastor will normally have such a service, even if it is not specifically indicated on the page for the church.

Advent Tour

Members of various churches in Kyushu, together with Bishop Luke, Rev. Osada of Kobe Diocese and Rev. Iwasa of Okinawa Diocese, took part in this year’s Advent Tour to the Philippines (December 1st to 4th). We visited Sta. Ines and Banlic as well as EDCP offices in Quezon City, and enjoyed meeting many old and new friends. The fellowship and hospitality, and the extensive preparation especially by Rev Joe Medina (Akay), was much appreciated. The photo, taken by Rev. Echanes Cadiogan, shows all members of our group with one of the Banlic congregation at his home.