Christmas Eve

The last day of advent.
Japanese shops and other places have been full of Christmas tunes, images of reindeer, etc., for some time now, but this often gets cleared away on Christmas Day itself. Apparently, many people believe that Christmas ends tonight. In fact, we are just coming to the end of advent, a time when the church calendar reminds us that we are waiting (and, if we are wise, preparing) for the second coming of our Lord. Christmas begins tonight (except for Orthodox churches, which celebrate it in January), and lasts twelve days (until January 5th).

Many churches will have services tonight. In Holy Trinity Church, Miyazaki, our ‘Candle Service’ with bible readings, prayers and carols, starts at 7 p.m.

By the way, another member of our congregation is keeping her own blog in Japanese, and her photos from yesterday’s concert can be seen at rebekahの教会.