Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, or, if you prefer, Akemashite Omedetoh Gozaimasu!
Another way of saying it, of course, is Shin-Nen Omedetoh Gozaimasu. I hear that some young people shorten ‘Akemashite Omedetoh Gozaimasu’ to ‘Ake Ome’ (four syllables). I typed ‘Happy New year’ onto my Facebook page just after midnight, and received similar greetings and likes from several people. One of my ex-students added “May the year of 2013 bring you a lot of happiness and smiles”. I hope 2013 will also bring happiness and smiles to readers of this blog.

We had our New Year service at Miyazaki Holy Trinity this morning. Since it commemorates the naming of Jesus, Rev. Yoshioka explained the meaning of the Name (Yahweh Saves, or Yahweh is Salvation) in her sermon, and also told us how she had been led to faith by a pastor’s account of the revelation of the name YHWH to Moses.

Apart from this blog post, I have also updated the page for St Paul’s Church, Fukuoka. Beginning today, Rev. San-In Lee (Michael), on a cooperative mission contract from the Anglican Church in Korea, is Assistant Pastor at St Paul’s. I have used the common transliteration ‘Lee’ for his family name (and westernised the order of names) as it is difficult to find a really convincing way of showing the actual pronunciation (vowel only) in Roman letters.

Rev. Paul Masanao Hamao, who is one of the clergy who continue to give faithful service after their official retirement, is still at St Paul’s, but has also been appointed chaplain to the Kyushu Diocese Women’s Association (Josei no kai) with effect from today.