New Blog

Just starting a new blog … Merry Christmas!
I’ve just started this new blog page, which should be a more convenient way to give up-to-date information. I’ve called it ‘Chronicles’, after a couple of books in the Old Testament. I used to do a blog on ‘MobileMe’ with the same name, but that came to an end when MobileMe was closed at the end of June.

The ‘Churches in Kyushu’ page lists all the current Anglican churches in Kyushu, excluding St Mary’s, Omuta, which is effectively closed because of the extensive damage to the structure of the building. There are links from the ‘Churches in Kyushu’ page to other pages I’ve published (so far, only for St Paul’s Church in Fukuoka and Holy Trinity Church, Miyazaki) and a direct link to the page maintained by Immanuel Church, Kokura (Kokura Immanuel Parish).

For the time being, I haven’t set up a comments section for this blog, but if you want to make comments, you can use the ‘contact me’ links at the bottom of each page on this site.

Finally, although we are still in Advent, let me wish you a Merry Christmas!