Philippine Work Camp 2013 - 2

There are more participants than usual in the work camp this year. Also, they are from three dioceses: Kyushu, Kobe and Okinawa.

Eight participants from Kyushu, including the Camp Leader Hiroko Baker and the Camp Chaplain Rev. Barnabas Mikio Ushijima, together with five from Kobe, including Rev. Joshua Yoshifumi Osada, and three from Okinawa, including Rev. Isaac Naoto Iwasa, will leave for the Philippines on March 1st, mostly from Fukuoka. The Okinawa group will take a direct flight from there.

Three more participants from Kyushu, Bishop Luke Kenichi Muto, his wife and I will be leaving for the Philippines on March 7th. All participants return to Japan on March 11th.