Belated Update

I’m afraid I’ve neglected this blog for much too long this time, having added nothing to it since May. Since the official Japanese site now links to this English site (just click on the ENGLISH button on the top Japanese page) I really must make an effort to keep this blog, as well as the rest of the site, up to date.
I’m thinking of adding a page of photos as a sub-page of the Miyazaki Holy Trinity page. I also noticed this morning that the page linking to my Facebook photos of Bishop Luke’s installation was giving an error message and no photos, so i’ve republished that page.

The Japanese site now has a full report on this year’s Philippine Work Camp included among the pdf’s on the relevant page, thanks to all the campers, especially Rev. Ushijima, who edited it. All parts of the report are in Japanese, including a translation of my own contribution (thanks to my wife for that).

No complete English version is available yet, but I would like to mention something one of the campers, Yuki Nishigami, learned from her Philippine hosts. This was about the meaning of the word, ‘Christian’. The word consists of ‘Christ’ plus I,A,N. These three letters stand for ‘I am nothing’, thus showing that, without Christ, we are nothing.

The pdf for the Japanese report is on
this link.