Statement of Solidarity to the Dioceses of Kyushu, Kobe and Okinawa
On the Twin Earthquakes

We watched with grave concern the news on television about the twin earthquakes which jolted Japan in the last few days. Indeed, many lives were lost, many others were injured or wounded and vast properties and livelihood were destroyed. First responders and other Japanese authorities are still looking frantically and in earnest under the rubbles for other possible survivors. Amidst the adversity, we also witnessed the display of resiliency and fortitude of your people as they continue to grapple with the aftermath of these devastating earthquakes.
 Your partner diocese, the Episcopal Diocese of Central Philippines (EDCP) and all its congregations and clergy led by Bishop Dixie Taclobao joins all people of goodwill in expressing our most profound condolences and solidarity to the families of the dead, injured or wounded and to all other families struggling to cope with the catastrophe.
 We pray that the Almighty in His abundant grace shall continue to sustain your people, your Diocese and churches, your government and other civic organizations as you deal with the myriad challenges arising from this tragedy; reaching out to rescue other survivors, dealing with the lost lives and burying the dead, caring for the wounded or injured and their families. May the God of grace heal the wounded, comfort the bereaved families and communities and strengthen everyone as they rise up from the ruins to rebuild their families and communities.
 Rest assured of our continuing thoughts and prayers to uphold you and your families, communities and churches in your effort to deal with this tragedy.  May the abundant grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and His comforting presence abide with you!
With our prayers in solidarity.
Sincerely in Christ,
 Moises Kurt A. Pachao
Partnership Committee
 The Rt. Rev. Dixie C. Taclobao
Diocesan Bishop
Episcopal Diocese of Central Philippines (EDCP)