Report from Kyushu Earthquake Support Centre
(Simplified partial translation of the Japanese report 3)

Three weeks after the first major quake, people are still troubled by a lot of strong aftershocks. Some of them seem to tumble everything with a an eerie, heavy vibrating sound that seems to come up from deep underground. People can’t have peace of mind as these aftershocks might lead to another major quake.

Report of our work so far

Some pastors have visited church members house by house, as well as Kikuchi Reimei Church (Dawn Church), Liddell-Wright Home and Korin Chapel, to assess the level of damage in each place. We cleared debris inside and outside houses. This included everything from small pieces of glass, books, clothing, up to big household appliances and furniture, even pianos. Old people seem to have lost their will to do anything about it.
We helped some who wanted to retrieve valuables from their crushed houses and carried them to the evacuation sites; also took aid goods to the remote areas and old people’s houses. After listening to the stories of many victims, we felt they need to have mental support too.

‘Kumamoto Holy Trinity Volunteer Centre’:

Head: Rev. Takao Shibamoto
Coordinators: Hisao Yamamoto, Rev. Junshi Nakano,
Rev Eiji Seyama (seconded from Kobe Diocese until the end of May)
Action Days: Mondays to Saturdays (Holy Communion services are held on Sundays)
Activities: To support victims (church members and others around them).

Updated information in Japanese is on the Facebook page.